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Our company has been proudly serving pizza crust line for more than 35 years.  We only use the finest ingredients. Our processed meat is from the leading manufacturer here in our country and conforms to strict quality standards.

We have developed ways to overcome challenges such as preventing the sauce from combining with the dough and producing a crust that can be reheated without becoming rigid.  The dough made from high protein, vitamin enriched flour are slid into the oven on a long paddle and baked on screens.    

Our pizza dough lines are light, healthy and delicious and one of our versatile products sold to wholesalers, bars, restaurants, groceries and retail consumers. 

Frozen Pizza Pie

10 inches pizza take and bake cames in 6 different flavors:

   -Salametti & ham
   -Mushroom /Olives
   -Pepperoni Mushroom
   -Ham with Bacon
   -Groundmeat Chorizo
   -Cocktail(12 pcs biscuit size)

Pizza Crust - Big

Made from All Purpose Flour
10 inches thick packed in plastic;

2 pcs. per pack and has a shelf life of 3 months Frozen

We can customize based on requirements

From 4 – 14 inches

Pizza Crust - Small

Made from All Purpose flour and thickness is 6 inches
per pack is 4 pcs. Packaged in food grade plastic and properly

Pizza Crust - Mini

Made from All Purpose Flour  and  is 3 inches thick (Biscuit size)
Packed in 24 pcs.  A real great value for money.

Pizza Crust - Thin

Made from All purpose flour as in a typical hand tossed pizza
Packed in 2pcs 10 inches per piece.

Pizza Crust - Xtra thin

Made from All purpose flour that when baked  is extra thin, crispy and crunchy 

Available in 10 and 12 inches and is also packed in 2 pcs per packaging.  

Pizza Crust - Premium

Made from Premium Wheat flour that is tender and fragrant size is 10 inches

And a pack has 2 pcs. A typical pan pizza or Chicago style pizza.

Pizza Crust - Medium/Regular

Made from first class Bread Flour. This type is thick and floppy.

This is a personal solo size of 7 inches which is 2pcs per pack.

Pizza Crust - Economy

Made from first class Bread Flour and is also thick and Puffy.

Available in 10 inches but we can customize from sizes 4 to 20 inches

This gives clients a choice but definitely a quality product.