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Bambi Manila Food's Company
Crispy chips are baked and fried. Using only the finest, high-grade corn flour, and fried only in poly unsaturated soya bean oil to retain the sweet flavor of yellow corn

Nacho Chips

Thin and crunchy baked and fryed with 100% U.S. Corn flour
150 g. ( 150g x 20 /case )    And 500 g bag ( 500g x 10 / case )

Colored Nacho Chips

Food Grade colored comes in white, red ,blue and green
150 g.  (150g x 20 /case ) and 500 g bag  ( 500g x 10 per/case )

Bubbling taco shells

Bubbling thin and crispy shell 6 inches
12 pcs  ( 25boxes/case )

Taco shells

flour Crunchy shell  6 inches
12 pcs  ( 25boxes/case )

Taquitos Shells

Good for cocktails and caterers 3 inches
24pcs ( 25boxes/case )

Corn Taco Shells

Made from imported high quality 100% U.S. Corn Flour and fried using a
carefully selected brand of cooking oil
12 pcs  ( 25boxes/case )