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This thin unleavened flat bread is made from specially treated and enriched wheat flour and whole wheat flour designed to meet the clients’ preferences.  Our tortillas are larger in circumference and thinner without breaking too easily and ideal to make dishes such as soft tacos, Fajitas, burritos and enchiladas.    

To meet the demands of this modern lifestyle, we have mechanized the traditional process and have come up with a medium scale tortilla making machine which can produce cooked tortillas every  10 seconds.  We also have introduced many flavors and varieties such as healthy basil, spinach and Sun Dried tomato which has now become a mainstream food.

Flour Tortilla

filled and folded - typically used for fajitas , soft taco and burritos
pack in 12 pcs    ( sizes 6,7,8,10 inches )

Whole wheat tortilla

Good for weight watchers since this is  Whole wheat flour
packed in 12 pcs    ( sizes 6,7,8,10 inches )

Flavored Tortilla

Made from enriched flour flavored with vegetable
Available is  healthy Basil , Spinach and Tomato