About us

The reputation we have achieved and the nature of our products and history comes from the support of our satisfied customers. Through the years we always make sure that every pizza crust that comes out is BAKED the same as when we opened our humble production area in 1977.

The family's matriarch started producing home made pizzas and a line of pre cooked party foods in July 1978 . After a year, we came out with bottled mango chutney and chicken pie. We never compromise on the quality of our ingredients and soon after our products was making a name not only among relatives and friends but also in canteens and leading schools and universities . By the end of 1978 ,leading supermarkets agreed to have our products in their freezers and display areas. It became a household name that satisfied clients were bringing our products to Hongkong for"pasalubong".

We have achieved remarkable growth for the past 35 years by offering to our consumers our different variants of pizza crust, tortillas, tacos, corn chips , lumpia and siomai wrappers and spring roll. Our tortillas are machine pressed and our tacos and corn chips are made from the finest imported corn flour.
We continue to implement expansion activities to fulfill the growing requirements of our consumers. We have made researches on our process management and we have recently introduced automation. Our spring roll line makes sure we take the "dirty hands" away to make food safe. Machines are monitored and maintained well for maximum capacity and output with zero physical contamination. We also make sure that we adhere to the standards of the Bureau of Food and Drugs.

Today, Manila Bambi Foods is focused on innovations and we have intensified our partnership with our suppliers in bringing new technology to enhance the quality of our products. We also have alternatives and choices for the health conscious. We have achieved a remarkable growth since 2000 bringing us a double digit growth in sales and profitability.

We are committed to our consumers and we expect dominance with a market share of 30% and even surpass this by the year 2015